Dating girl wants friends

Guys can’t ever be just friends with someone they find attractive.A guy who seems like a perfect friend may make for perfect boyfriend material too, you know.Don’t speak too often or every night with the same guy.There’s a good chance all the long conversations may turn into flirty conversations or words of love.

Perhaps, he’s a player or a serial cheater or even a helpless two timer.If he ever asks you what kind of a guy you’d like to go out with, tell him the exact kind of guy you like. He may constantly try to get touchy feely with you or try to flirt with you in the hope of becoming more than just friends.But without hurting his feelings or being too direct about it, add a few traits he doesn’t have. [Read: Signs you’re more than just friends] If you’ve tried all the earlier moves and he’s still not getting the point, perhaps it’s time to tell him the truth.But can they be good friends who hang out with each other all the time? Instead of trying to figure out how to be just friends, just go along and see where the friendship takes you. [Read: How to ask a guy friend out the classy way] How to be just friends with a guy – Your side If you’re certain it’s just friends on your mind, and you want to make it clear to a guy friend of yours, here’s all you need.# Remember the intentions Sometimes, it’s easy to have a laugh and a good time with a guy and forget all about your initial intentions to stay as friends.

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