Dating girl wants friends

[Read: How to kiss a friend and get away with it] How to stay friends when he’s into you In most cases between friends of the opposite sex, the guy may initially behave like a good friend.

But as the relationship grows, he may try to woo you, flirt with you or even try to seduce you with touches and words.

But if you ever do find yourself getting addicted to him or the other way around, try to have a few conversations with someone else for a few days.

In almost all cases, sharing too much special time with each other only leads to a closer relationship which may end in love.

The next time you have a conversation with him, remind him about how great a “friend” he is to you.

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But stay away from an overdose of physical intimacy if you don’t want to send the wrong signals.

This is especially true if you’re already in another relationship and find yourself bitching about how bad your relationship is to a guy friend.

# Handle the addiction When you have a lot of common interests, it’s obvious you’ll end up having a lot of great conversations with each other.

But can they be good friends who hang out with each other all the time? Instead of trying to figure out how to be just friends, just go along and see where the friendship takes you. [Read: How to ask a guy friend out the classy way] How to be just friends with a guy – Your side If you’re certain it’s just friends on your mind, and you want to make it clear to a guy friend of yours, here’s all you need.

# Remember the intentions Sometimes, it’s easy to have a laugh and a good time with a guy and forget all about your initial intentions to stay as friends.

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